Healing With Chi Energy

66 Marine Terrace, Blyth, UK
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Healing With Chi Energy
Business Type : Aesthetic practitioner
Location : North East England
Opening Hours
  • 9 AM TO 9 PM
The ancient Yogi’s, wise men of India, some of the Tibetan Monks and Taoists in China discovered through centuries of practise that they could heal themselves by using certain internal and external techniques or exercises. They also found that this helped to prevent illness and gave them remarkable health. The system I discovered took twenty years of research.I have studied acupuncture,acupressure,shiatsu meditation and meridian line tracing. I also teach Tai Chi  ( more advanced 42 Form incorporating Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun Styles ) ,  Qi Gong and Pai Da Healing Tapping Techniques as used by the Chinese Army.I have been a qualified staff nurse ( R.G.N. ) for 29 years ( Ten years experience in the Operating Theatres ). I also have 3 qualifications in Hypnotherapy including The Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the British Board of Medical Examiners, ( same board that sets exams for the G.P.’S ). I also teach Neurolinguistic Programming and TFT Tapping. The system does not involve any physical contact, ( touching ). At times I may point to various points on the body if I need to demonstrate how to demonstrate a technique. I will do this by using a small blunt stick just using a very light touch. The techniques I teach was regarded as the ” Holy of Holy’s ” and it was known only by a very small number of Tibetan Monks. It was kept hidden for centuries. A man in the U.S.A. uses similar healing techniques to my own and has treat many celebrities and the super rich with great success.He does 
not share this information in the public arena or the internet. I am the only one in the U.K. using this system of healing. There are other forms of Chi healing but they are not as powerful as these techniques because the practitioners do not understand the science of Bio Electrical Wave Energy. The beauty of this system is once you have learned it you can treat yourself every day for the rest of your life so there is no need to constantly return to a practitioner for healing. You can also teach other members of your family these techniques as well.   
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